Hello and welcome! You’ve reached the multimedia portfolio of Nicholas Pires. I am a Digital Designer from London, UK with over 9 years industry experience.

I graduated from Brunel University in 2006 with a 1st Class (Honours) BSc in Multimedia Technology & Design. I’ve been making websites since the days of Flash 4 and have a great passion for visual design and construction as my history has revolved around art and design since a young age.

I have worked on many different size projects from the concept stage, storyboarding and initial ideas to full development and delivery. The projects have covered varied markets and industries such as financial sectors, education, marketing and advertising to name a few.

Such projects included developing and designing 3D visualisations, Motion Graphics, Flash menu systems, Adverts, Banners, Touchscreen interfaces for point of sale kiosks etc for clients such as Nissan, Infiniti, Guinness, Sony, PayPal, Ebay, T-Mobile, Diageo, Sainsburys, Persil, Comfort, Lynx, East Coast and Flora to name a few.

I am an avid tech geek, film watcher and online gamer and am as passionate about my art and work as I am about having fun. I liking traveling and exploring new avenues to help better myself and the people around me.