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As part of Sony's campaign to advertising it's new range of semi-professional cameras they hired indy director Phil Bloom. Part of a series of tutorials and films were created with Phil to illustrate the exceptional low light capabilities of the Sony NEX-FS100 camcorder. Part 1 of the series 'Evening Waltz' was filmed at a fairground in North Wembley.

Taking elements from the film we recreated digital advertisements that captured the magical mood of the fairground. The banners were localized with dynamic text fields and served through the Mediamind advertising platform.

I was responsible for the build, and design of the banners, creating a look and feel that spoke 'extraordinary' and to put emphasis on the spectacular night footage of the camcorder. I chose a series of stills taken on the night along with screen captures of the film footage to bring colour and life to the email.

Visit the Sony extra.ordinary videography hub