Lynx had a new TVC that involved men sweating uncontrollably in front of very attractive women. Fortunately there is a solution to the 'Premature Perspiration' that they suffer in the form of new Lynx Dry Full Control.

There were three phases to the campaign. The first which built up the 'anticipation' to the new TVC. This included a countdown timer. Once this was over the second phase ran with the TVC.

The final third phase involved Lynx minx Lucy Pinder. This helped tie in with the website creative and 'online games' that involved Lucy Pinder performing certain 'tasks' based on a search term.

This was all part of the fun to see what Lucy could do to make you perspire. As part of a team I was responsible for building and animating the flash banners and the various Facebook, YouTube, Ingame and Mobile creative seen online.